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Join the MHN Affiliate Network:

Community and fraternal organizations, corporations, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities may wish to become Men's Health Network affiliates.

By affiliating with MHN, an organization will be participating in a growing effort to address the health needs of men and their families.  MHN's public awareness campaigns, prevention and education activities, screening programs, and advocacy have had a positive effect on the lives of millions of men and their families.  Specific work with underserved populations has brought health awareness and education to those in dire need of health assistance.

Benefits of affiliation with MHN include:

  • National and local media exposure

  • Free health event planning strategies

  • Partnership in Men's Health Month and National Men's Health Week

  • Partnership in prostate awareness activities in September for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  • Participation in national health awareness campaigns

  • MHN policy updates and status of work with Congress, state legislatures and other policy makers

  • Use of MHN's logo at affiliate events (with MHN's approval) and link to MHN's website

  • Resources or published works in MHN's library

  • State symposium partnership opportunities

* All organizations must be approved as MHN affiliates in order to have their work, logo, website, etc. published within MHN's network.

For information about affiliating with MHN, please call:

202-543-6461, extension 101
or via email:

Or, you may complete this application and submit it to MHN.

MHN is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign: # 1 0 8 2 5