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Menís Health Network (MHN) is the nationís leading non-profit information and education resource for the health and wellbeing of men and their families. MHN provides free support and educational materials to community outreach networks, fraternal and religious organizations and individuals.* MHN is the menís health central resource center that families, corporations, government agencies and public health outreach programs turn to.

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Your support will help us end this silent crisis

Your membership and generosity will allow us to expand our programs and services and continue our advocacy for men and their families at the state and federal levels:

  • MHN advocacy on the state level has resulted in the creation of menís health commissions in several states and the passage of resolutions recognizing the needs of men and their families in over 45 states.
  • MHN is a major resource to federal, state, and local government regarding issues that affect men and their families.
  • MHN is working to establish a national Office of Menís Health within Health and Human Services.
  • MHN is establishing a world-wide network of chapters and affiliates to achieve these goals.
  • MHN has established a series of state symposia to address menís wellbeing in the states.

Your membership will help support these programs:

  • Free Screenings*
  • Free Educational Materials*
  • Free Health Clinic Web Site* (
  • National Menís Health Week (
  • Public Relations Campaigns promoting positive male health care seeking behaviors
  • A toll-free information line
  • Free Physician Referral Network*
  • Free Event Planner* (MHN HealthZone)
  • Men's Health Library, the one-stop resource for health information
  • And much, much moreÖ

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Thank you in advance for your support !

* Free to qualifying organizations.

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