Keyword Input Instructions

From the "Modify Link" window, click the Button "VIEW XXX KEYWORDS / TEXT". The XXX will display the type of document, such as PDF, or DOC, or HTM.

modify link window

This will display the Keywords form in a separate, detached browser window:

keywords form

The Tabs at the Top

keyword tabs

When the symbol Help Dot is displayed near an item, help text can be displayed by hovering the mouse pointer over the symbol. For example, hovering the mouse pointer over the ? symbol near "Google Ranking" displays this help text:

Help Text

Selecting the best Keywords

The main form is the "Keywords Ranking" one, the default selected Tab when the window opens:

Keyword Rankings

The word list can be quite short for documents, or have no listed keywords found. This may be for many reasons, some of which include:

  1. A document contains very little text and mostly graphics.
  2. A document is corrupted, such as a PDF or MS Word file.
  3. A PDF document has embedded fonts that aren't UTF-8 or recognized.
  4. A document uses an unrecognized character encoding, other than UTF-8.

Here is an example of a short list, a brouchure with lots of images:

keywords short list

Notice in this list that only three words are highlighted, meaning that those three words already appear in the documents keyword field. There may be other words in those fields that don't appear in the document text. That would be bad for SEO keywords and those words should be removed from that field.

It is very important that all SEO Keywords entered in that field appear in the document. Never enter an SEO Keyword that does not appear in the document. Doing so will ban the document in search engines. Google, for one, has stopped the practice of stuffing keywords in the web page meta data that do not appear in the document text.

On the other hand, Search Keywords may contain words that don't appear in the document text, but doing so should only be done if there is a need to search for a document based on a concept or subject, rather than the text of the document.

There may also be documents that contain a long list of keywords, such as this one:

keywords long list

With a long list, for SEO Keywords the Best Choice should be followed. For Document Search Keywords, other words may be used if it makes sense to do so.

Simple Rules to follow:

  1. Select only the "Best Choice" SEO keywords - ones that are marked with a "Yes" in the "Best Choice" column. Uncheck any SEO Keywords are don't make sense, like singulars when plurals are present, and unrealistic ones like "cal".

  2. Select the "Best Choice" Search keywords plus any others that may be appropriate for someone searching for the document in the Library directory.