Tennessee Menís Health Facts:

  • Women live 6.8 years longer than men.
  • The mortality rate from prostate cancer is almost 10% higher than the national average.
  • What does this mean for spouses and families? In Tennessee, among women married to men the same age as themselves, over 16% will be widows as they enter retirement (ages 65-69).

State of Men's Health, Tennessee
A comprehensive report on the status of men's health in the state of Tennessee.  This report covers a broad range of health issues, including life expectancy by sex and race; obesity, top causes of death, prostate cancer mortality, the number of men and women in each age group, and an analysis of the life span gender gap.

For Tennessee men, not engaging in the health care system results in higher rates of mortality from most major causes of death:

Mortality - several health issues



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