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(Governors and mayors of states and cities)
Flyer - Governors of states and territories, the District of Columbia, American Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages proclaim Men's Health Month or Week in their jurisdictions. The President sends a message. View proclamations at Keywords: governors; mayors; Men's Health Network; states; city; cities; International Men's Health Week; MHW; Men's Health Month, DC
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Resolution introduced by Rep. Cummins (MD) in honor of NMHW. Keywords: President; life expectancy; mortality; health disease; prostate cancer; testicular cancer; poverty; screening; African-American; blacks
SEO Keywords: President, life expectancy, mortality, health disease, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poverty, screening, African-American, blacks
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Governors of 48 states and DC have proclaimed Men's Health Week in their states. The President sends a message. View proclamations at Keywords: governor; proclamation; men's health; Men's Health Network; state; NMHW; Men's Health Month
SEO Keywords: governor, proclamation, men's health, Men's Health Network, state, NMHW, Men's Health Month
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