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National Cancer Institute Prostate Cancer Information Sheet: March 1997
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Florida PCa Awareness Week is recognized each year as the week leading up to and including Father's Day. The Orlando Men's Council encouraged Governor Lawton Chiles to issue a proclamation recognizing Florida PCa Awareness Week.
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The Texas Legislature directed the Commissioner of Public Health to: ...develop and implement a program that educates the public on the causes of prostate cancer and the factors associated with the development of prostate cancer.
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White House Prostate Cancer Research Grants Fact Sheet: June 22, 1998
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"one of the most successful 'academic organizations' in the field of prostate cancer clinical and basic science research" has the largest prostate cancer clinical center (WRAMC) and the largest and most comprehensive clinical database in the nation.
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"...expanded coverage for screening tests for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers" and "annual glaucoma screening test and medical nutrition therapy..."
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A bill in the 1999 New York legislature to amend the insurance law, in relation to providing for health insurance coverage for diagnostic screening for prostate cancer. PCa
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News article on prostatitis featuring the Men's Health Network and American Foundation for Urologic Disease (AFUD).
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Prostatitis information with common questions answered.
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PSA Screening in Texas: CDC - September 2000
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Cancer Initiatives Announced by Health and Human Services: September 1998
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Men's Health Network analysis of Department of Defense funding based on the August 6, 1996 Washington Post article by Rick Weiss "War Between Sexes Rages Over Research: Funds to study prostate, Breast Cancer at Issue" page A 13. Key words: military; Army; Air Force; Navy; Marines; soldiers; enlisted personnel; active duty; female; male; women; men; war between the sexes; MHN
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Prostatitis web site with links to research and other prostatitis web sites.
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Texas PCa Week with information about National Men's Health Week and the Men's Healthline.
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(Senate Special Committee on Aging)
Congress; Senate Special Committee on Aging September 23, 1997; Bob Dole; Len Dawson; Bob watson; Betty Gallo; Ron Wyden; Robert Miller; David Mcleod; David Crawford; Richard Babaian; Charles Grassley; John Breaux; Richard Shelby; Susan Collins; Harry Reid; Thomas Holohan; Harold Saxl Veterans Affairs; New York Yankees; Men's Health Network
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California - Prostate Treatment program for low income men - 2001
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