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2004 data. National Center for Health Statistics. November 2006. DHHS Publication No. 2006-1232. Keywords: sex; race; Hispanic origin; African-American; black; white; male; female; age; Federal Bureau of Prisons; Bureau of Justice Statistics
SEO Keywords: sex, race, Hispanic origin, African-American, black, white, male, female, age, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Bureau of Justice Statistics
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Men's Health Network analysis of homicide trends. Keywords: male; female; men; women; white; black; African American; Hispanic; Latino; victims; teenagers; youth; young adults; guns; knives; weapons; American Indians; Alaska Natives; Asian/Pacific Islanders; API; students; school; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CDC; National Center for Health Statistics; NCHS
SEO Keywords: male, female, men, women, white, black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, victims, teenagers, youth, young adults, guns, knives, weapons, American Indians, Alaska Natives,
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