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1. Job Training Partnership Act: GAO report REPORT BROKEN LINK

Information on Training, Placements, and Wages of Male and Female Participants. GAO-HRD 89-152FS: 1989. Males-higher skill -females-moderate skill. Women-clerical/typist, secretarial, men-custodial, machine operator, or laborer positions.
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2. Federal Government Male and Female Employees: GAO Analysis REPORT BROKEN LINK

Distribution of Male and Female Employees In Four Federal Classification Systems: GGD-85-20: 1984
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3. NIH Has Increased Its Efforts to Include Women in Research: GAO-HEHS-00-96 REPORT BROKEN LINK
(Men and women in clinical trials)

May 2000. More than 50% of participants in NIH funded research studies in 1997 were women. Health spending 1993-99 grew 39% for women & 23% for men. Keywords:
Keywords: Office of Research on Women's Health, ORWH, Revitalization Act, Women’s Health Initiative, CLINICAL TRIALS
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4. Intercollegiate Athletics: Gender Equity: Title IX REPORT BROKEN LINK

Status of Efforts to Promote Gender Equity: GAO-HEHS-97-10: 1996. Includes an analysis of complaints and compliance investigations.
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