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State of American Boyhood by Judith Kleinfeld
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"The existence of a 'boy crisis' in the United States is a topic of public policy debate. This study examines the state of American boyhood, using not only the commonly reviewed indicators of school achievement but also mental health, premature death, injury, delinquency, and arrests."
Last Viewed: February, 17, 2019 at 5:41 AM.
Total Views: 1,515

Flyer. Boys and Schools project. Boys and Schools project. Keywords: boys; girls; men; women; males; females; Latino; Latina; teachers; schools; reading; writing; assessments; skills; minorities; African-American; Hispanic; Canada; France; Germany; Japan; UK; Great Britain; blacks
Keywords: boys, girls, men, women, males, females, Latino, Latina, teachers, schools, reading, writing, assessments, skills, minorities, African-American, Hispanic, Canada, France, Germany,
Last Viewed: February, 14, 2019 at 1:52 AM.
Total Views: 663

It's not that boys are all's more an expression of frustration from parents and teachers who notice a lack of interest in reading in boys. Keywords: gender; girls; males; females; illiterate; reading proficiency tests; 12th-grade; college; national assessments; literacy; language skills; test scores; grades; Green Eggs and Ham; Narnia; Horatio Hornblower; graduate
Keywords: gender, girls, males, females, illiterate, reading proficiency tests, 12th-grade, college, national assessments, literacy, language skills, test scores, grades, Green Eggs and
Last Viewed: February, 16, 2019 at 3:07 PM.
Total Views: 911

New scientist. Ewen Callaway. Male Monkeys Prefer Boys' Toys. Keywords: play; son; daughter; males; females; men; women; stegosaurus fight a Disney movie; socialization; nature versus nurture; stereotypes; trucks; gendered toys; biological basis; play preferences; GI Joe; stay-at-home dads; Barbie; Ken
Keywords: play, son, daughter, males, females, men, women, stegosaurus fight a Disney movie, socialization, nature versus nurture, stereotypes, trucks, gendered toys, biological basis, play
Last Viewed: February, 17, 2019 at 7:51 PM.
Total Views: 711
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