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41. Family and Culture - Native Men's Health webinar April 2, 2014 REPORT BROKEN LINK

Community, Family, and Culture: Protective Factors in the Promotion of Native Men's Health, The Dialogue on Native Men's Health Continues - Keywords: American Indian; Alaska Native; Indian Health Service; HIS; Men's Health Network; MHN; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; SAMHSA; Office of Minority Health; OMH; Society of Public Health Education; SOPHE
Keywords: American Indian, Alaska Native, Indian Health Service, HIS, Men's Health Network, MHN, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, Office of Minority
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42. Affordable Care Act, Champions for Coverage: Health and Human Services: HHS REPORT BROKEN LINK

Press release; Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; CMS; Health Insurance Marketplace; Kathleen Sebelius; Marilyn Tavenner; American Academy of Family Physicians; American Nurses Association; Bon Secours Health System; National Women's Law Center; Lutheran Services in America; Thrifty White Pharmacy; Find Local Help; HealthCare.gov; CuidadodeSalud.gov; Navigators; Mens Health Network; MHN
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43. Prostate Cancer Op-Ed - September 2012 - by Chiledum Ahaghotu, MD REPORT BROKEN LINK

Men's Health Network; Howard University Hospital; African-American; U.S. Preventative Services Task Force; USPSTF; PSA; prostate-specific antigen; Prostate Cancer Awareness Week; Month; Prostate Conditions Education Council; PCEC; www.prostateconditions.org/screening-site; Prostate Health Resource Center; blacks
Keywords: Men's Health Network, Howard University Hospital, African-American, U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, USPSTF, PSA, prostate-specific antigen, Prostate Cancer Awareness Week,
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44. Veterans Health Council Statement on USPSTF "D" for PSA Screening 05 REPORT BROKEN LINK

US Preventive Services Task Force. Keywords: VHC; AHRQ; D Recommendation; Prostate-specific antigen; early detection; active surveillance; watchful waiting; screening; digital rectal exam; DRE; aggressive; Thomas Berger; Affordable Care Act; ACA; African-American; Agent Orange; phenoxy herbicides; Vietnam veterans; Southeast Asia; Secretary Jesse Brown; Department of Veterans' Affairs; VA; blacks
Keywords: VHC, AHRQ, D Recommendation, Prostate-specific antigen, early detection, active surveillance, watchful waiting, screening, digital rectal exam, DRE, aggressive, Thomas Berger,
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45. Comment to CMS on Provenge National Coverage Determination REPORT BROKEN LINK

Comments to CMS on Provenge National Coverage Determination
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46. Charlie Wilson, encouraging men to "man up" against prostate cancer. REPORT BROKEN LINK

Grammy nominee Charlie Wilson is a familiar voice in R&B music. He was the former lead singer of the GAP band and is currently on his third Jive Records solo album called Just Charlie, which came out December 7, 2010. Wilson, who performs his chart topping R&B music for millions of fans, now does his share of "informing" as well-rninforming men about prostate cancer.
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47. Baltimore Connect 2 Wellness Media Alert REPORT BROKEN LINK

April 16, 2011 from 10am - 5pm - A community event featuring Baltimore's best health, education, financial and employment resources. Participants will have the opportunity to receive free health screenings, enroll in health insurance and assistance programs, learn more about employment and education opportunities and be able to participate in a raffle.
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48. Provenge, CMS, MEDCAC - Prostate Cancer Roundtable press release REPORT BROKEN LINK

Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Least Costly Alternative; LCA; Food and Drug Administration; FDA; National Comprehensive Cancer Network; asymptomatic; minimally symptomatic metastatic castrate resistant; hormone refractory; chemotherapy; American Society of Clinical Oncology; Milliman; Herceptin; Avastin; Alimta
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49. Men's Health and Wellness PowerPoint presentation by Men's Health Network REPORT BROKEN LINK

Presents current mental and physical health information in an easy-to understand and entertaining manner. Offers suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle. Use as a stand-alone presentation or insert some of these slides into your presentation. Please keep the Men's Health Network name on each slide used and let us know when used. Contact info@menshealthnetwork.org with any questions.
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50. Mark Pitts Father's Day interview : June 2010 REPORT BROKEN LINK

Mark Pitts discusses a father's contribution to the family. Keywords: Notorious B.I.G.; Usher; Anthony Hamilton; Urban Music; Sony Records; Jive Records; Bell's Palsy; J.Cole; Miguel; children; sons; daughters
Keywords: Notorious B.I.G., Usher, Anthony Hamilton, Urban Music, Sony Records, Jive Records, Bell's Palsy, J.Cole, Miguel, children, sons, daughters
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51. American Public Health Association Approves Men's Health Caucus REPORT BROKEN LINK

Press Release - February 24, 2010 - Men's Health Network announces the formation of a Men's Health Caucus in official relations with the APHA. Keywords: MHN; Dr. Georges Benjamin; Scott T. Williams; Theresa Morrow; Women Against Prostate Cancer; WAPC; male; female; boys; girls; children; families
Keywords: MHN, Dr. Georges Benjamin, Scott T. Williams, Theresa Morrow, Women Against Prostate Cancer, WAPC, male, female, boys, girls, children, families
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52. The 100's Commitment to the Community by Men's Health Network REPORT BROKEN LINK

OpEd by MHN's Abdullah Jones, February 2010. Keywords: male; men; 100 Black Men; African-American; Mark Alexander; Tommie Smith; 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics; world-record; 200 meters; Jesse Parker; Lee Moultrie; Steward Darby; Saturday Leadership Academy
Keywords: male, men, 100 Black Men, African-American, Mark Alexander, Tommie Smith, 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics, world-record, 200 meters, Jesse Parker, Lee Moultrie, Steward Darby,
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53. The Health Reform Debate and Prostate Cancer : Op Ed : September 2009 REPORT BROKEN LINK

This Op Ed appeared in weekly newspapers during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2009. Keywords: James Morning; USAF, U.S. Air Force; Agent Orange; health reform; Congress; President Obama; Medicare; welcome to Medicare Physical; Men's Health Network; African American; Women Against Prostate Cancer; American Cancer Society; American Urological Association; PSA; prostate specific antigen; DRE
Keywords: James Morning, USAF, U.S. Air Force, Agent Orange, health reform, Congress, President Obama, Medicare, welcome to Medicare Physical, Men's Health Network, African American, Women
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