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1. In Control: The Facts About Male Urinary Incontinence

The Facts About Male Urinary Incontinence OPTIONS FOR COPING STRATEGIES & TREATMENT Brochure features information on the types, causes, and symptoms of urinary incontinence and its connection to prostate cancer
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2. Healthy Sundays - by Men's Health Network and Master Mentor

A program by Men's Health Network and Master Mentor to improve the health: physical, mental, and spiritual, of underserved socio-economic communities. Keywords: disparities; religious; inner city; screenings; prostate; breast; men; women; boys; girls; African-American; black; Hispanic; Latino; Latina
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3. Life Expectancy by Sex and Race: Birth to 70

MHN Flyer. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data provides life expectancy by race and sex. This chart includes data for 1920, 1950, 1970, 2003. Keywords: mortality; health; disparities; male; female; men; women; white; black; African American; Center for Disease Control; CDC; National Center for Health Statistics; NCHS; NVSR; National Vital Statistics Report. Vol. 53, No. 15, February 28, 2005
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