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1. Births to Youngest Teens at Lowest Levels in Almost 60 Years: CDC REPORT BROKEN LINK

Births to 10 to 14 Year-Old Mothers, 1990-2002: Trends and Health Outcomes. National Center for Health Statistics; NCHS; teen birth rate; mothers; fathers; pregnancy; abortion; Hispanic; black; African American; Asian; Pacific Islander; prenatal; first trimester; low birthweight; pregnancy-associated hypertension; eclampsia; Reproductive Health Atlas; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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2. Social Security and Minorities: GAO 03-387 REPORT BROKEN LINK

"Blacks and Hispanics have higher disability rates and lower lifetime earnings, as a group tend to receive greater benefits relative to taxes than whites." Keywords: health, disability, mortality, families, children
Keywords: health, disability, mortality, families, children
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3. Congressional Testimony: Jessica Pearson, Ph.D. REPORT BROKEN LINK

Congressional Testimony: Jessica Pearson, Ph.D., on Welfare, Child Support, and Domestic Violence, May 19, 1998
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4. Poverty Guidelines: 1985-1998 REPORT BROKEN LINK

Poverty Guidelines: 1985-1998
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5. Welfare Reform: Advisory, 1996 REPORT BROKEN LINK

Ronald Henry; President Clinton; welfare reform; two-parent families; family preservation; states
Keywords: Ronald Henry, President Clinton, welfare reform, two-parent families, family preservation, states
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6. Welfare Reform: Congressional Testimony, 1995 REPORT BROKEN LINK

Ronald K. Henry; Ways and Means; Oversight; social services; social workers; family preservation; children; fathers; mothers; relatives; custody; AFDC; TANF; welfare
Keywords: Ronald K. Henry, Ways and Means, Oversight, social services, social workers, family preservation, children, fathers, mothers, relatives, custody, AFDC, TANF, welfare
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