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21. Noncustodial Parents Eligible for Job Training REPORT BROKEN LINK

The legislation seeks to move hard-to-employ TANF recipients with significant employment barriers into unsubsidized jobs offering long-term employment opportunities with the hopes that they can pay child support.
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22. Poverty Guidelines, 1985-1998 REPORT BROKEN LINK

Income poverty levels for families of all sizes from HHS 1985-1998.
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23. Reasons for Nonpayment of Child Support REPORT BROKEN LINK

GAO data from mothers indicate that 66% of the fathers did not pay because they were unable to pay, and up to 28% of fathers classified as living in "Other" locations and not paying could be either living with the mother or dead.
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24. Talking Points on Child Support REPORT BROKEN LINK

Explains child support date and the GAO discovery that up to 14% of fathers listed as "dead beats" are actually dead.
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