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1. President Barack Obama Transition Team - memo from Men's Health Network

MHN presented a health policy document outlining goals and objectives regarding men's health to the Presidential Transition Team Healthcare Policy Working Group. Keywords: SCHIP; Medicare; widows; prevention; causes of death; cancer; Tom Daschle; Office of Men's Health; Office of Women's Health; Healthy People 2020; fatherhood; nonresidential parents; noncustodial; President Bill Clinton
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2. National Cancer Moonshot - White House 2016

President Obama; Vice President Biden; State of the Union Address; immunotherapy; melanoma; leukemia; lymphoma; Cancer Moonshot Task Force; National Institutes of Health; National Cancer Institute; NCI; NIH; vaccine; cervical; papilloma virus; early detection; Genomic Analysis; Oncology Center of Excellence; FDA; Food and Drug Administration; Departments of Defense; DOD; Veterans Affairs; VA
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