BLUEprint Your Event

It is simple to get involved in this movement and plan your own Wear BLUE event.

Create a BLUEprint for your event using the steps below:

  • Form A Team, recruit people from work, school, social groups or place of worship, and of course friends and family members.
  • Pick your day… to host your event and make a personal donation to Men’s Health Network. Groups can download tools for their event including posters and emails to promote your day, and brochures and booklets that cover male health issues.
  • Choose your BLUE. Dress up by wearing blue dresses, suits, slacks, or ties. Go casual by wearing BLUEjeans, caps, tennis shoes, or a jersey. You can even purchase Blue Ribbon Pins online at the Store!
  • Make it Fun! Personalize your day with other activities such as a sporting event, informational speakers, BBQ or picnic, or a simple BLUEjean day at work. Use the BLUE Toolbox provided to help make your Wear BLUE day a hit!
  • Encourage others to make a difference. Download tools from our website to participate and to donate!